What is Emotional Architecture? And Why Should We Care?

Every organisation wants to develop its people and ultimately improve their performance. However many organisations are struggling to nurture the conditions that enable their people to thrive.

Organisations are aware that they need to encourage greater diversity, equality, inclusion, justice, well-being, resilience and flexible working. But tackling each of these objectives as separate entities is overwhelming. Moreover, managers are left juggling a vast array of initiatives and additions to their role. They report a lack of confidence, skills and capacity to support these important topics and as a result, feel anxious and unsure of where to focus their efforts. This can lead to uncoordinated actions and initiatives which frustrate busy team members and distract from good intent.

No-one wants to derail the momentum on any of these issues. Thus, there has to be a greater co-ordination of messages, efforts and resources: something needs to be put in place that pulls these moving parts together into an ‘integrated whole’. Something that achieves the ambitions of the organisation and supports its people through change with a clear and compelling narrative.

We have been working with our clients to do exactly that – developing their emotional architecture: a single platform on which high performance, wellbeing and inclusion can flourish.

Our role is to ensure that the issues important to the organisation, and its people, are woven into the design of this platform. We ensure everyone understands their role in supporting its creation and maintaining its ability to support high performance working, self-development and team cohesion.

Our team is led by Graham Sparks and Will Sambrook

Graham is a leading Diversity & Inclusion consultant, coach and keynote speaker. He was Chief Diversity & Inclusion officer at Shell and is an experienced not-for-profit board member. He works with organizations to develop and implement inclusive workplaces through a strategic approach to Inclusion and Diversity as it relates to business delivery, purpose and values.

Will has a Masters Degree in Organisational Behaviour and for the last 20 years has helped his clients develop a culture of high performance working – one that achieves sustainable results whilst developing individual and organisational resilience and team cohesion. Will’s particular skill is helping clients to align organisational goals with team performance, resilience and wellbeing.

To find out more, please contact us at ea@akenham.com