Executive Coaching? Yes please!

In our experience senior leaders who are courageous enough to embrace their ongoing development needs aren’t spoilt for choice when looking for the solution.

However, whilst executive leadership development programmes offer new insight, like-minded thinking and excellent networking opportunities; they can only take senior leaders so far in terms of real change.

This is where our Executive Coaching service comes in, and our philosophy is refreshingly simple:

We hold a space for you! That may sound a bit woolly, but it also gets at the heart of where the action takes place – we work with you to help you achieve your goals, meet your challenges head on and fulfil your aspirations, in a way that suits you.

Every coaching assignment has different intended outcomes, however we hope this article gives you a flavour of our approach.

Session 1: Needs Analysis and Contracting

 This initial session is used to:

  • Better understand the individual’s needs: aspirations, challenges and openness to change
  • Ensure there is good chemistry between our appointed coach, coachee and sponsor
  • Agree a coaching programme with specific development outcomes

By the end of this session, the coach and coachee will have agreed a programme that best meets their needs in the time permitted. There will also be a clear contract in place between the coachee, the coach and the sponsor.


Sessions 2-5: Main Coaching Sessions

These sessions are designed against the specific development goals agreed in session 1.

The sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual and are aimed at:

  • Prioritising ambitions
  • The coachee developing an awareness of their personal style and the impact of their style on what they are trying to achieve
  • Practical tools to help them get the best from themselves and from others

Each session ends with a set of actions for the coachee to put into practice. Subsequent sessions start with a review of what they have managed to put into place since the programme began and the difference this has made.

Where appropriate, further resources are provided.


Session 6: Review 

This final session is used to review progress against the aims agreed in session 1. It is recommended that this is a 3-way conversation between the coachee, the coach and their sponsor.

The session can also be used to agree how the coachee will continue their development journey and how they can continue to work with their sponsor to achieve their goals.


The Outcomes – what this approach helps achieve:

By providing small concentrated and targeted interventions we enable our coachees to make very specific, high-value changes to themselves, their environment and their relationships. Coachees and sponsors alike report that these changes have a significant and positive impact the individual’s performance, their potential and their personal wellbeing.


Interested? Reach out and we’ll tell you more about how we can help.