Agile management, career and performance training solutions

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Our mission is to inspire higher levels of human performance in every organisation we serve.

To do this we have created 4 centres of excellence designed to achieve individual, team and organisational success.

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Strong leadership training solutions

Inspirational Leadership

We believe in challenging leaders, individuals and teams to be the best that they can be, to continually improve their awareness, adaptability and skills to succeed. That is why we have invested the last 25 years in designing interactive leadership experiences, framed against the latest insight and tailored to the needs of the organisations we serve.


Streamlined, individual & team performance solutions

High Performance Centre

We created our High Performance Centre to help our clients achieve specific organisational goals

We have helped a number of well-known brands to develop significantly higher levels of operational efficiency, achieve market-leading levels of customer experience and a develop agile ways of working. This has resulted in them catching up with and, in some cases, disrupting, highly competitive markets.


Communication, cultural and behavioural training

Career Management Centre

Akenham’s Career Management Centre enables people to navigate through periods of career progression, personal challenge and change.

In particular, we provide performance based coaching for those newly recruited, promoted or acquiring additional responsibilities. We provide behavioural based coaching for those who need to change and we provide transition based coaching for those affected by change.


Integration, investigation and conflict resolution training solutions

HR Solutions Centre

Our clients consider us to be extended members of their HR team, providing specific expertise as and when required.

Our highly experienced team are able to resolve immediate issues, including investigations and mediations; manage structural change projects, including TUPE and redundancy consultations; carry out cultural change programmes and provide project-based interim solutions.