Can you really change the mindset of Managers and Leaders?

Purcell’s 2002 study of performance in the workplace is one of the most respected pieces of organisational research to date. Purcell managed to define performance as a product of Ability, Motivation and Opportunity.  He argues that if any one of these three elements is missing high performance is unlikely to be attained.

So, what does this tell us about the development of your managers? It shows us that only when they have the skills to succeed and the desire to achieve and the opportunity to experience what excellence feels like, will you see them achieve the levels of performance they are really capable of. How many can say that their managers’ training does all this?

With this question in mind, Akenham have pooled the expertise of Psychologists, Executive Coaches and Development specialists to produce a very innovative approach to management and leadership development – a totally interactive form of learning where skills and confidence are developed and the manager gets to ‘experience’ what getting it right really feels like.?

We call it Management Interactive because that’s what it is – learning through doing - being an active part of your development rather than a passive recipient of advice.

“Management Interactive gave me the opportunity to experience what good leadership feels like and now I don’t want to be anything but.”