360 Degree Feedback at Nissan

Nissan Design Europe (NDE) were looking for a 360 degree Feedback system that was flexible enough to accommodate their needs but very user friendly and low on administration time.

Having assessed the market, NDE decided that nothing quite met their vision and asked Akenham to build a system that could be delivered on-line, was fully automated and could accommodate questions that related to their organisational values and managerial competency framework.

The result is a system that has bought alive the visions of Nissan Design Europe. Since the systems launch we have been encouraged to make this into a marketable system that can be customised to any of our client’s demands.

The administration of the system can be fully automated or personalised depending on preference. The system itself has standardised settings which suit most 360 degree needs and can be customised to cater for more specific needs.

The system allows the client to enter questions and assign them to competencies, enter the appraisee and appraiser details, email out passwords and instructions, monitor completion, and make amendments to remove, change and add participants.

The system delivers a PDF report for each manager which gives visual and numerical representations of their scores against the ratings of their Manager, Peers and Direct Reports.

For further details of our 360 degree systems and other assessment and development solutions, please contact Will Sambrook on 01223 421155 or email will@akenham.com