Flexible Career Transition

We have developed the Flexible Career Transition programme around the needs of individuals and businesses. We know from experience that individuals in career transition all have different needs and you’ve told us that whilst you need to consider the cost of support, you are keen that individuals get the most out of their programme and are given the control to choose the support most appropriate to their situation.

We have responded by designing a modular service where you as the sponsor can decide on the number of modules (or credits) to be allocated to an individual. The individual then ‘spends’ their allocation on the support options that satisfy their particular needs. This gives you control over your budget and the individual control over the support they receive.

How does it work?

The Flexible Career Transition Service offers a core programme designed to give a solid base of support – the employee then selects additional units according to their needs. The number of units will depend on the credit allocation that has been provided by you as the sponsor.

Everyone, whatever their credit allocation, will have an initial meeting with one of our outplacement consultants to assess their specific needs and help them decide what to include in their programme. The programme can be altered at any time to meet the individual’s evolving needs.

The Core Programme



Initial Meeting
In this session we address any immediate needs and then work with the individual to consider where they should focus their energies and how they should set out their campaign


Access to Akenham Online Research Centre
Our online research centre provides the individual with access to company databases, sources of advice on particular jobs / careers, self employment and retraining (including funding possibilities) as well as a CV builder


6 hours of Career Transition support
Designed around the individual, support includes face to face, telephone and email support.

Topics covered may typically include:

  • Self assessment to highlight skills, attributes and needs

  • Review of career achievements to dateand career options for the future

  • CV preparation - objectives, content and style

  • Understanding the routes into the job market

  • The essentials of self marketing

  • Interview skills, techniques and practice

  • Using research tools and effective use of the internet for job search

  • Job search campaign management


Optional Modules and Credit Values



Career Transition sessions
Additional 121 support, as above – 1 credit per session – these are often used to focus on an area of particular need, for example preparing for an Assessment Centre or presenting to an interview panel


Psychometric Testing + 121 feedback
Particularly useful for self development and interview practice


Considering Self Employment
121 and group options available, plus additional resources, to help you think through the financial and lifestyle implications of starting your own business


Early Retirement options
121 and group options available, plus additional resources, to help you think through the financial and lifestyle implications of early retirement


Independent Financial Planning
A one hour session with a non commissioned Independent Financial Advisor to help you make the best of your current and future financial situation


Creating a Positive Impact
A two hour session with an Image Consultant – this option is becoming increasingly popular as more and more evidence shows the value of self presentation in putting yourself above the competition


Virtual Office, hot-desking and secretarial support
Our London, Cambridge and Ipswich based centres have hot-desking and virtual office capabilities which can include call handling and secretarial support.

2 credits equates to 3 months virtual office / hot desking and call handling


Access to a personal researcher
A personal researcher can help you put together mail listings, manage response, access company information and carry out job searches, giving you more time to concentrate on your applications and interview practice. 1 credit equates to 6 hours support


Sounds good – how do we take this forward?

The first step is for us to meet to discuss the needs of the individual and set a budget for the support. We will then meet the individual to help them consider their options and decide what support they will need and plan a programme for them accordingly. Their consultant will be their main point of contact throughout the programme and we will be yours in terms of feeding back where we are at in the process, particularly during the all important initial stages.

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