High Performance Conversations

Managers are pivotal to the success of individuals and teams. Their input can dramatically effect engagement and performance. Isn't it worth refreshing their skills now and again?

 Akenham has designed a series of highly interactive workshops to help managers:

  • Engage, motivate and re-energise individuals and teams

  • Set challenging goals

  • Direct, delegate, support and coach

  • Manage poor performance swiftly and effectively

We have recently designed some interactive sessions to manage performance at key intervals in the working week. This is a really good way of building you managers confidence and abilities to lift people's confidence, nail difficult conversations quickly and effectively and provide timely recognition of effort. Sessions include:

  • 'the 2 minute pep talk' - ideal for those coffee machine moments

  • 'the 5 minute wonder' - ideal when quick but fair feedback is required

  • 'the 20 minute coach' - making the most of that weekly catch up

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